Bob Kline

405 South Barton Street · Arlington, VA 22204 ·

I am an experienced software developer, whose most recent projects have focused on management of bibliographic and medical information systems, from back end database design to web content delivery. I take pride in creating systems which make the experience of the users more enjoyable and productive.


Lead Developer

U.S. National Cancer Institute

I implemented and maintain the Drupal web site used by boards of leading oncologists for performing ongoing medical literature review for the National Cancer Institute.

2010 - Present

Lead Developer

U.S. National Cancer Institute

I created and maintain the system used for managing the cancer information summaries which form the core of the National Cancer Institute's web site. The client-server API for the system, the integration with the XML editor on the desktop, and the administrative web interface are all implemented in Python, with XSL/T filters used for assembling and transforming the documents for publication.

1999 - Present

Lead Developer

U.S. National Library of Medicine

I implemented the editing system used by the National Library of Medicine for maintaining the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) database. The system was built using Java Foundation Classes, with Oracle as the back end data store.

1998 - 1999


Other Experience

For more details, refer to the RK Systems page.

1980s - Present


Catholic University

MM, Music
Organ Performance

Studied with Daniel Roth and Günther Kaunzinger.

1975 - 1978

University of Maryland

MS, Library and Information Science

First programming course (COBOL on punched cards)

1973 - 1974

Catholic University

BA, Music
1965 - 1969


Programming Languages & Tools
Development Principles
  • Understand The Customer's Business Needs
  • Build In Security From The Start
  • Learn How The Users Think About The Systems
  • Use Agile Development Principles—Prototypes Are Good
  • Write Tests And Documentation As Early As Possible


When I'm not developing software, I enjoy bicycling, reading, taking walks with my wife, playing chess with our granddaughter, and making music. I also like to contribute to the open-source community as often as I can and assist my wife with her volunteer education work as an Extension Master Gardener.

Awards & Certifications

  • Microsoft developer certification
  • Certificate of recognition for participation in the migration of the NCI web site to Drupal
  • Vera Tilson award for contributions to the creative arts in the community